Dimensional Control is precise survey measurements of any small to extremely large objects/structures to be analyzed and compared with their original design or with other objects/structures in relation...

SAMIN's proprietary software offers accurate, fast, and cost effective solutions in Dimensional Control to be used in areas where structures are built in modules and requires erection/installation

As built vs Design

As built vs As Built

Laser scanning of built structure and comparing it to the actual design to check for any deformation, tolerance and errors while its being constructed or after construction.

Laser scanning of existing structure and to be erected/installed structure to simulate clash detection so any errors can be corrected before the actual erection/installation.

Accurate:1/24" Accuracy

>  Fast: 50% faster than existing competitors 

>  Fact: SAMIN finished scanning & clash detection reporting within 5 days vs 3 weeks by competitor

Cost Effective: Minimize time spent on site and during construction/prefabrication


Don't let us tell you, but see our example and decide for yourself:

Central Control and Management

SAMIN Software also offers the ability to view, control, and manage Dimensional Control conducted from far away.

Information from block assembly to loading at each site can be synchronized to be monitored and reviewed from a central station or can be shared with relevant departments.  

Just imagine what you can achieve if you apply

our fast Dimensional Control in your field!

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Dimensional Control Applied in Damage Assessment

What is Dimensional Control


Dimensional Control is not a replacement for existing roles but a tool to help you control accuracy errors efficiently and effectively.

SAMIN is taking part of DDA of Ruwais Refinery south of Abu Dhabi.
Our role is to scan the damaged area using 3D laser scanner and determine the integrity of vessels and structures left behind from fire and blast.

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