How Dimensional Control is used : Shipbuilding Example

Small accuracy errors accumulated during pre-fabrication lead to huge problems during installation.

Re-work on module installation stage increases danger of industrial accidents, and wastes unneccessary resources.

Dimensional Control can be used in many areas where 3D Laser Scanning can be used.  With the accuracy of 1/24", applicable areas include...

- Rebuilding 3D model from existing structures

- Checking Design vs Built structure

- Run Clash Detection Simulation

- Simulate Tank Installation

- Check deformation of structures from fire/blast

- Single Weld Hook Up in Modular Construction

- Check clash points of 'to be installed equipment' to existing factory layout

Applicable Area

Can save over $1mil in direct costs and reduce dock usage by

30 days per year

-Block Erection (First Time Fit, One Time Setting)

-Module Installation

Shipbuilding and Offshore Plant

Onshore Plant

Save $millions in direct costs and shorten construction period

-Control structure assembly at the shop for 'First Time Fit'

-Prefab control, Assembly control, Installation simulation and more


Average ROI of 500%+ through shortened construction period

-Modular Construction

-Factory Revamp/Retrofit/Renovation

Other Areas

Save 50%+ over other competitors at 200% faster speed

-Damage Assessment

-Container Installation Simulation

-BWTS installation Simulation