Common Problems without Dimensional Control

Without Dimensional Control, errors creep in from the start in every field whether it be shipbuilding, modular construction, or large structure fabrication.

Small errors accumulated throughout the fabrication process is the root cause of on site modification.  Increasing cost of projects and wasting unnecessary resources.  Most of all, endangers safety of workers trying to fix errors that wouldn't have happened with right Dimensional Control system

Dimensional Control

Dimensional Control is precise survey measurements of any small to extremely large objects/structures to be analyzed and compared with their original design or with other objects/structures in relation.

The main objective of dimensional control is to ensure first time fit-up, which reduces on-site material handling, on-site modification, and increases safety, ultimately reducing overall cost and liability in any projects.


To effectively utilize Dimensional Control, three things must be considered and understood.  Hardware, people, and software.

Hardware is easiest to chose because laser/infrared equipment is standardized in survey industry.  People and software on the other hand are the key elements that determines how Dimensional Control can be applied effectively and efficiently. 

People:  Based on the accumulated experience a person has, he/she can quickly decide what equipment to use, where to scan, and how to scan.  In addition, it is this experience that determines how accurate the processed data is when registering the cloud point data using standard software.

Software:  Once you get the cloud point data, it is the software that produces the required information you need such as 3D modelling, Clash Detection Simulation, or comparison of built structure with the design.  It is this software that determines how much you have to halt and wait for the analysis.  That is, IF the software can analyze large scale cloud point data.  (Over 100 Gigabytes of data)

People and Software are what makes SAMIN dare to say that we are #1 Dimensional Control company in the world.  With more than 10 years of R&D and experience in large scale Dimensional Control, we can scan and analyze 50% faster than other companies with much less price tag.

Benefits of Dimensional Control

Ship building (Korean Case):
Save over $1mil in direct costs while shortening dock usage by at least 30 days per year!
Before D.C

Cost of Equipment usage, safety hazard and other benefits not included!

After D.C
How much would you save with Dimensional Control?
Modular Construction (Korean Case):
13 Top side module installation for LNG Vessel ROI of at least 2,000%.  
See how much you would've saved if you were the project owner!
Before D.C

Spend hours correcting errors on site while spending extra $$ on crane costs!

Clash check using 3D model
No temporalis info.
No scaffolding info.
On-site-check Clash Items & Fix Error
Ship Back
After D.C

Average installation time reduced to 40m~2hours per module (vs 10 hours), 0 clashes in all 13 modules

3D Laser Scanning
Fix Clash Item
Before the Erection
Clash Check Simulation
Achieve One Time Setting
Erection - Clash Free