EcoOTS Series

Total Station

  • Realization of One Time Setting
    Users can figure out deviations and conditions in advance more easily and precisely by using the erection simulation and automatic analysis features. This can greatly enhance work efficiency. With the loading method employing the “One Time Setting” technology, the system helps to cut down the time required to load blocks. This can contribute to enhanced safety onsite and reduced production times for improved productivity. With greater productivity, users can expect significant reductions in production costs.
  • Tentative assembly simulation
    Tentative assembly can be done before the final assembly in construction projects. Steel structures such as steel bridges, ground/maritime plants and buildings can be simulated in advance. Reduced labor hours and costs are expected compared to usual tentative assembly stages.
  • Serial erection simulation
    EcoOTS allows users to load multiple blocks and therefore analyze serial loading procedures.
  • Remote sharing and management of local data
    Many models are made of parts manufactured by multiple plants in different locations. When model parts are manufactured by plants separate from the central production site, communication and feedback between the central and local production sites is quick and easy because all data can be managed remotely through the server.

3D Design Models

Recommended EcoOTS Series for different client situation


- 3D based erection simulation
Each piece of loading simulation information is rendered in three-dimensional images, making models easy to understand and use. Beginners to the simulation program can master loading simulations of complicated shapes quickly.

- Loading simulated based on actual object data
EcoOTS carries out loading simulations based on the measurement data of the actual block rather than the design data.

- Support diverse loading types
Users can set diverse loading types and directions for joining blocks or modules. Thus, EcoOTS enables users to simulate loading blocks or modules in different environments.

Automatic calculation of cut quantity

We recommend EcoOTS G1
for clients:

  •  Who run small-sized accuracy control organizations.

  •  Who needs a more intuitive accuracy control system that uses the models rendered in three-dimensional images.

  • Who seek to test-run accuracy control systems.


- Easy compilation of check-sheets
EcoOTS G2 allows users to import drawing templates from a 2D task window on which a three-dimensional model is projected. Rather than printing out a report by capturing the image on a CAD program, users can reduce the time required to draw up a check-sheet.

- Server feature added
Using EcOTS G2, users can handle and share all data (design models, measurement data, project files, drawings, check-sheets) in real time through a server. Thus, communication and feedback between the design and production departments are fast and easy. This enables dimensional control system to be managed and monitored comprehensively

We recommend EcoOTS G2
for clients:

  • Who run a medium or large sized accuracy control organization

  • Who seek to comprehensively manage the accuracy control system status of the organization as well as those of subcontractors, and

  • Who need to make more complex renderings of designs.


- Local Axis Function Added
Since a single module of a steel or building structure has local axes of multiple directions, EcoOTS G3 actively generates a user-defined coordinate system (local axes/ global axes), enabling users to simulate loading.

We recommend EcoOTS G3
for clients:

  • Who are involved in the ground/maritime plant manufacturing industry.

  • Who are involved in the steel bridge and/or steel structure construction industry