EcoInspection Series

Total Station

Laser Scan

  • Handles unlimited points of scan data and design models.
    EcoInspection is capable of loading and analyzing high-capacity point cloud data for dozens of gigabytes and high-capacity design models. It enables users to analyze the three-dimensional accuracy of even large vessels or structures.
  • Compatible with various CAD files
    Compatible with various types of 3D CAD systems
  • Searches for errors by coordinating design models and point cloud data
    It used to take a tremendous amount of time and labor to search for errors on a completed large vessel or structure compared to the design model. EcoInspection, however, enables users to search for errors more easily through its register feature that register the design model and the laser scanned point cloud data.
  • Handles total station data and laser scanned data comprehensively
    EcoInspection is compatible with both total station data and laser scanned data, and enables users to analyze accuracy by using both data types.
  • Accuracy analysis of actual blocks, modules and pipes
    Since a single module of a steel or building structure has local axes of multiple directions, EcoInspection actively generates a local coordinate system (local axes/ global axes) according to the direction of each module. This enables users to analyze module deformation.
  • Enables different types of accuracy analyses
    Accuracy analyses are possible for pipes, ducts, rail planes, beam aggregates and so forth.

3D Design Models

Recommended EcoInspection Series for different client situation

EcoInspection Premium
(2D drawing feature added)

- Provides projection views and cutting views
EcoInspection Premium provides different viewing modes including projection views and cutting views of blocks or models. Users can render more intuitive two-dimensional views from three-dimensional models.

- Enables entry of different figures and signs
EcoInspecial Premium enables users to enter different figures and signs including coordinates, distances of straight lines, molds, coordinate axes, texts, position rollers, allowing different types of information to be included in two-dimensional drawings.

- Applies templates
Unlike the report output features on EcoInspection Standard that captures images on the screen, EcoInspection Premium imports a drawing template onto the two-dimensional image directly. This enables users to produce a drawing, or enter and modify data on the imported template.

We recommend EcoInspection Premium for clients:

-Who run a medium or large sized accuracy control organization.


-Who seek to comprehensively manage the accuracy control system status of the organization as well as those of subcontractors.


-Who need to make more complex renderings of designs.

EcoInspection Enterprise
(Server function added / currently being developed)

- Shares accuracy data
A single module of a steel or building structure has local axes of multiple directions. EcoInspection Enterprise actively generates a coordinate system (local axes/ global axes) according to the direction of each model, which enables users to analyze module distortions easily.

- Shares accuracy control schedule
Accuracy control schedules such as block or module inspections and analysis dates can be shared through the server for the entire enterprise.

- Monitors local accuracy control conditions remotely
Many models are made of parts manufactured by multiple plants in different locations. When model parts are manufactured by plants separate from the central production site, communication and feedback between the central and local production sites is fast and easily because all data can be managed remotely through the server.

We recommend EcoInspection Enterprise for clients:

- Who are involved in the ground/maritime plant manufacturing industry.

- Who are involved in the steel bridge and/or steel structure construction industry.