EcoPASS Series

Total Station

Laser Scan

  • Visualization of the massive point cloud data
    It reads massive point cloud data (Tens of GB) and 3D design model for the virtual simulation of large sized steel structure assembly and erection in Offshore Plant, Onshore Plant, and Steel Bridge etc.)
  • Auto-Clash Check (Point Cloud Data – Point Cloud Data)
    There are a lot of dangers of a safety accident to correct any clash and errors on the structure during the erection process. Sometimes, the process has to be stopped. All these kind of factors affect to the production lead time. Therefore, it would be a good way to run simulation forecast errors in advance to make sure the module condition for the erection.
  • Auto-Clash Check (Point Cloud-3D Design)
    Dynamic simulation using point cloud data and 3D design model is also possible. It enables an installation of new equipment or structures to assemble or replace to the complicated structures without any error through the simulation.
  • Dynamic simulation path setup
    It is able to set up the path of object (Point Cloud-3D Design model) for dynamic analysis.
  • Clash Detection Result Reporting
    Automatic reporting function of analysis result makes an easy report like the work order or other related document.

Recommended EcoPASS Series for different client situation

The EcoPASS Series is a Point Cloud Data based large scale structure erection/installation simulation system, and we provide different product levels to meet all of our clients’ needs.

​EcoPASS Premium

- Providing Projection View/Cutting View
EcoPASS Premium will provide various views like “Project View” and “Cutting View “ etc., it enable 3D Model to be shown intuitively in 2D task pad.

- Easy creating report using various dimension and symbols
It is easy to create the report in the 2D task pad in EcoPASS using the data results and various useful symbols.

- Template
It is easy to create the report importing the report template directly in EcoPASS.

We recommend EcoPASS for clients:

-Who run a medium or large sized accuracy control organization.


-Who seek to comprehensively manage the accuracy control system status of the organization as well as those of subcontractors.


-Who need to make more complex renderings of designs.

​EcoPASS Premium

- Share the simulation results through the server

We recommend EcoPASS for clients:

-Who are involved in the ground/maritime plant manufacturing industry.


-Who are involved in the steel bridge and/or steel structure construction industry.