EcoOTS Series

Erection simulation for a whole vessel(G1,G2,G3)

It is able to perform continuous simulation with many blocks.

Automatic setting for erection Simulation(G1,G2,G3)

It automatically figures out a gap or overlap between closest block connecting each measurement point of 2 different blocks.

Set up deviation correction value(G1,G2,G3)

When the deviation vector are hidden by aligned the block are able to move certain distance setting up the correction value to check deviation value easily.

Automatic analysis of erection simulation(G1,G2,G3)

It automatically analyzes block condition like deviation of length, height, or width of erection block comparing the base block through various simulation features [1Point, 2Point, 3Point move/ 1 point or 2 points based axis rotating].

Data link in 2D and 3D View(G2,G3)

It provides various view modes. It is able to create 2D draft using projection plane/cutting plane.

The deviation on 3D View reflects to 2D view directly. It does not need to revise deviation value on 2D view if there is anything changed.