EcoInspection Series

Various scanning data format loading
(Standard, Premium, Enterprise)

Leica, Z&F, Faro, Topcon etc.

Large sized laser scanning data viewing(Standard, Premium, Enterprise)

Real time analysis and viewing of hundreds of millions point cloud of blocks and modules are possible, and the analysis work for huge sized vessel or structures are able to be clear, and working hours are also able to be reducing a lot.

Accurate dimension Calculation(Standard, Premium, Enterprise)

Calculate accurate dimension through the various point cloud fitting features.

Calculation of cylinder shaped structure(Standard, Premium, Enterprise)

Regarding cylinder shaped structure like pipes or outfitting, extract the cylinder, and fit the point cloud to calculate roundness and cylindricity.

Walkthrough(Standard, Premium, Enterprise)

It is able to real-time monitor wrong installation of equipment comparing its 3D design.

Design Model-Point cloud alignment(Standard, Premium, Enterprise)


It is able to simply figure out any error of the large sized structure under the production comparing its 3D model after the registration of point cloud and 3D design.

Deviation check 3D Design – Point cloud(Standard,Premium,Enterprise)

It is able to check the deviation after aligning point cloud and its 3D design, and easily calculate the deviation value between design and as-built.

Flatness check(Standard,Premium,Enterprise)

Create the grid on point cloud to check its flatness.