EcoMarine G3 - SAMIN's Latest Product

What is Smart Yard?

“Smart Yard” is the next generation of intelligent factory which goal to operate overall production process utilizing IoT technology.

It senses all the activities during the production process by various sensors, and the data are transferred to the main server. These data can be the source for the integration management of overall all production process, improving the productivity, work efficiency and quality through various ways.

SAMIN's Goal Toward Smart Dimensional Control

SAMIN goals to Smart Yard which integrate the process of dimensional control and ay inspection during the fabrication so as to implement overall process (Planning-Field Survey-Decision-Co work-Feedback) within the one system.

The dimension data, which measure the fabricated structure using the digital sensing technology, are transferred to the server, the dimensional quality of structure is analyzed, and the analyzed result are evaluated, feedback to related department and staffs in real time. This makes possible to a non-stop self-dimensional control workflow.