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EcoMarine G2

Offshore Wind Farms


Taiwan Power Company Offshore Windfarm

Phase 1 Project - Demonstration 


SAMIN provided 3rd party dimensional survey services for 21 windfarm jacket foundations which have been installed in the Changhua offshore wind farm Taiwan. The survey works started on Aug 2019, and completed on Feb 2020. 


It was our first offshore windfarm project.  We successfully completed all our duties, and all the jacket foundations are being successfully installed off Taiwan. (Aug 2020)


The jacket foundations were manufactured in Go-Seong, Gyeoungsangnam-do, Korea which is located 85km west from our head office, and the project owned by Jan De Nul Group(-Hitachi Consortium).

 The general scope of work is to measure and verify the dimensions of wind farm jacket foundations on each phase of the fabrication process.  Different measuring devices such as 0.5" accuracy total station, photogrammetry, and laser scanner were used to satisfy the strict tolerance requirement for different survey items.

Find out more ?  We are welcome you to contact us if you are interested in further details.

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