SAMIN Dimensional Control achieved 0 simulation error installing 14 Top Side modules of world's largest LNG FPSO

July 13, 2017


“Everybody goes home safely! “ is Royal Dutch-Shell’s Safety Motto.

RDS built world’s largest LNG FPSO with 6000 Ton Top side module. 

The time given for scanning  and analyzing clash check  for each modules was only 120 hours. 

In addition, because each module installation requirement was supposed to be ‘clash free’, any personnel besides coordinator cannot stay in the area.


Taking look at how the clash check simulation generally is conducted

1.Verify expected clash points using 3D design file

2.Verify the as-built structure is exactly built as the design

3.Remove objects and structures that might get in the way of installation

During the 3 stages, aside from accuracy errors, the common problems that rises are installation of new structures, temporary scaffolding, or pipe fitting after the clash check stage has been done by Engineers.  Leading to unverified  and causes clash during installation. 














The vendor procurement process was something interesting to talk about because The main requirement asked by RDS is to completely remove any clash threats using 3D laser scanner within limited amount of time.

With the following requirements, one other company gave Estimate of 3 weeks per module where as SAMIN promised to deliver within the requirement period.


1.Time : Can only scan D-6 from actual installation date The report must be produced D-2 to remove any obstacles


2.Accuracy: Due to wind and wave affecting the floating crane, any structures within 200mm Vertical, 500mm horizontal must be analyzed.



The result of successfully fulling the requirement, all modules were installed on the average of within 2 hours. (Shorted was 40 min) Compared to 10+ hours without SAMIN software.  In addition to eliminating safety hazard through First Time Fit, RDS was able to shorten the Floating Crane usage and installation period, saving millions of dollars.


This project was one of SAMIN’s proudest moments because our analysis resulted in ZERO clashes including the most difficult Flare Tower with complicated structures. 

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