SAMIN offers world class
Inspection & Consultancy Service

SAMIN also sells Softwares needed for Dimensional Control for your business



SAMIN offers contract service in the following areas

> Laser Scanning

> Fabrication Check

> After Transport Integrity Check

> Single Weld Hook Up

> Storage Tank Installation Simulation

> Clash Detection Simulation

> Installation Check

> Structure Integrity Check (Damage Assessment)

> BWTS replacement simulation

> Setting Consultation

Software Sales


If you would like to create your own Dimensional Control team, we also offer software sales used in all of our services and also offer consulting and training on best practices.
Each software can be purchased separately or as a combined package.

Total Station based solutions

Total Station based solutions  are  perfect for datum point based analysis such as shipbuilding, and large structures/vessels with small number of pipes and spools.


Mobile/PDA based dimensional control solution

Accuracy Analysis, 3D Analysis, check-sheet creation for Block Fabrication and Installation

Clash detection simulation for achieving "One Time Setting" through preempting possible problems

3D Scanner based solutions

3D laser scanner based solutions are perfect for complicated structures such as plants construction and factory revamp surveys with many adjoining spools.

Analyze, transform, and calculate 3D point cloud data for Block erection/Installation simulation 

Visualization of massive point cloud data (100GB+) for clash detection simulation to achieve 
"One TIme Setting" of huge structures

Dimensional Control Data Management

What if you could store all measurement data based on different stages in a server to be used later as a reference.

With EcoServer Manager and Production Manager, you can gain better understanding of where and how frequent certain errors, mis-alignments, deformations occur so you can control the quality and process better.  All leading to reduced project hours and improved quality.

Server based Dimensional Control management program 

Manage and share accuracy and production information from assembly to loading

Smart Yard

With the goal of integrating the process of dimensional control and inspection during fabrication, SAMIN's latest product, EcoMarine G3 contains all the tools necessary to monitor, manage, and control remote fabrication anywhere in the world

EcoServer Manager

Client-Server based Dimensional Control program to build perfect Smart Yard system